Simulation technology for a global society

Medical Simulation International (MSI) is a Minnesota non-profit organization created to expand the skills and capabilities of in-country medical professionals.

Our current projects make use of simulation technologies to help train developing world medical professionals and treat patients with the following conditions:

Technological Solution - Interactive Video Trainer 

A small number of medical centers exist in Africa and other developing regions to provide care for fistulas and conditions listed above, but the capacity to treat and train more doctors is overwhelmed by the volume of cases in need. Furthermore, fistula treatment for example, is challenging and medically complex. Until recently there were no texts or even written standards of treatment. Unique and advanced training methods are desperately needed in an effort to implement this curriculum. 

We envision an interactive video trainer that would run on a personal computer. Such an interactive program would engage the trainees and allow them to rehearse the steps of the procedure before practicing on a patient and potentially making a serious error. Even the most isolated hospitals in the developing world have a simple personal computer on site for physician to use. Utilizing this tool, we believe many more providers could be trained, rapidly and safely.

The video below is a preview of our Interactive Fistula Simulation Trainer, a comprehensive training tool that functions on a personal computer.
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